International eHealth Workshop 2017 – 2nd Edition – Bologna, June 19th


Citizens’ Empowerment

The second edition of the international workshop by CUP 2000 will be dedicated to the topic of citizens’ empowerment, within a high-communication healthcare system where eHealth networks allow a real-time sharing of individual health data (Electronic Health Record, Health Dossier, Diagnostic-Therapeutic Care Pathways) as well as collective (Big Data). In the sharing perspective, made possible by the new technology of latest-generation Internet networks, citizens cease to be passive subjects and become the center of a health project which affects themselves and the collectivity. The workshop will be composed of three roundtables where different national and European experiences will be compared through the participation of scholars, eHealth leaders, and representatives from citizens and policymakers.


1st Roundtable: Technology and empowerment

Introduction and coordination: Mauro Moruzzi, Scientific Director, CUP 2000

Derrick De Kerckhove, Scientific Committee, CUP 2000: Big data and empowerment

Margunn Aanestad, Miria Grisot, University of Oslo: Technologies transforming the doctor-patient relationship

Marisa De Rosa, Cineca: Big Data and European planning quality

Valentina Lichtner, United Kingdom: NHS networks and the role of the assisted citizen

Marte Bø, Oslo University Hospital: MinJournal, design and patient-centered technological solutions

Andrea Resca, LUISS University: Institutional IT systems and social networks

More international experts will be connected via videoconference

2nd Roundtable: Citizens as protagonists

Introduction and coordination: Claudio Borghi, Scientific Committee, CUP 2000

Gandolfo Miserendino, Emilia-Romagna Region
Anna Darchini, CUP 2000
Carla Gaveglio, CSI Piedmont
Federica Sandri, Arsenal Veneto
The Electronic Health Record Technology

Roberto Mazza, Anna Roli, Istituto Tumori, Milan: Customer Satisfaction and eHealth networks

Giovanbattista Sisca, Specialist in Sports Medicine, Team Doctor of Bologna Football Club 1909: The Electronic Health Record in sports and among the youth

Alberto Zanutto, University of Trento
Costantino Cipolla, Scientific Committee, CUP 2000
The Electronic Health Record and citizens’ engagement

Fulvio De Nigris, Casa dei Risvegli e Scuola dei Diritti dei Cittadini “Achille Ardigò”: Pain and experiences safeguarding the citizens’ rights

Daniele Donati, University of Bologna: Judicial profiles in relation to Personal Health Records and Big Data

3rd Roundtable: Policies

Coordination and conclusions: Clara Fresca Fantoni, President, AssinterItalia, and Luca Rigoni, Director, AssinterItalia

Diego Conforti, Autonomous Province of Trento
Ferruccio Ferranti, CSI Piedmont
Fosco Foglietta, CUP 2000
Simone Puksic, Insiel Friuli Venezia Giulia
Luca Rizzo Nervo, City of Bologna
Fabio Rombini, Emilia-Romagna Region
Roberto Soj, Lombardia Informatica

Bologna, June 19th, 2017

CUP 2000 Meeting Point – 9.30 AM / 5.30 PM

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