The Company is organized under a matrix structure. It is articulated into projects, and realizes advanced forms of internal and external communication, according to the client-buyer and to the final user. Such organizational structure meets the characteristics of eHealth projects, which have the main objective of boosting communication, according to health and social assistance needs.

The organizational structure is led by the Director General and Boards.

The task of the 5 Business Units (horizontal structures) is to realize the projects/services, and they represent the project interface towards the purchasing Partner;
The 5 Functions (vertical structures) represent the company components and the specialist resources that are made available for project realization and production.

The company avails itself of the contribution by the Scientific Direction and the Scientific Committee of CUP 2000, on the topics of research, advanced education, participation to EU projects, and on the comparison between eHealth experiences at the regional and international level. The Scientific Committee includes 6 scholars, expert in the fields of sociology, law, economics, IT science and communications.

Last update: March 22, 2017