The company

CUP 2000 designs, realizes and manages digital healthcare research activities and innovative solutions for the modernization of healthcare pathways, the improvement of the relationship between citizens and the Regional Health Service, and the rationalization of organizational processes within the social and health service of Emilia-Romagna.

The company develops eServices for healthcare and welfare; above all, the Electronic Health Record (Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico – FSE). Thanks to eHealth networks, the healthcare professionals, the healthcare system and the citizen share, every day, data and information in real time.

CUP 2000 is a company limited by share, owned by the Emilia-Romagna Region, the regional Local Health Authorities, the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute and the Municipality of Ferrara. It is organized according to the in-house providing model.

Always connected. Personalized healthcare

Innovation simplifying access to services

More user-friendliness, more integration, more communication: these are the Emilia-Romagna health services that approach and adapt to the exigencies of citizens.


Electronic Health Record

Your  own  digital  healthcare  history  updated  in  real  time

APP ER-Salute

Mobile Health to book, cancel and manage the health appointments


The  online  booking  system  for  visits  and  specialist  exams

Online payment

Few and simple steps to pay the fee for visits and specialist exams

Running fast

as they always did

FSE credentials provided

Health documents/reports
already accessible
from the FSE

electronic prescriptions

Doctors connected
  to the SOLE network

Running fast

in 2016

CUP systems: bookings
and payments

Seniors taken in charge
by the Heat Emergency
eCare plan

medical reports

Contacts for online
services assistance


CUP 2000 S.c.p.A.

90/c, Via del Borgo di S. Pietro
40126 Bologna BO (Italy)
tel. +39 051 4208411
fax +39 051 4208511
VAT Code: 04313250377
Share capital: € 487.579,00 f.p.



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